Publicaciones con la etiqueta: soft tissue

Diferencias Entre Implantes Dentales Tardíos e Implantes Dentales Post Exodoncia

... soft tissue healing. 'delayed' implants are those placed thereafter in partially or completely healed
bone. the potential advantages of immediate implants are that treatment time can be shortened and that bone
volumes might be partially maintained thus possibly providing good aesthetic results. the potential disadvantages ...


... soft tissue inflammation.   frank schwarz,jan derks,alberto monje,hom-lay wang, peri-implantitis,
journal of periodontology, 20 june 2018 the proceedings of the workshop were jointly and simultaneously
published in the journal of periodontology and journal of clinical periodontology.   recuerde seguirnos en ...

Creation and Preservation of Natural Soft Tissue Emergence Profiles Around Dental Implants in the Esthetic Zone

... soft tissue emergence profiles around implants in the esthetic zone. this article presents a conservative
treatment approach to the replacement of the natural tooth system in the esthetic zone, allowing for natural soft
tissue  emergence profiles to be maintained and/or sculpted from the initial surgi- cal visit, throughout the ...


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