Publicaciones con la etiqueta: Implants

Diferencias Entre Implantes Dentales Tardíos e Implantes Dentales Post Exodoncia

... implants in fresh extraction sockets (immediate, immediate?delayed and delayed
implants) 'immediate' implants are placed in dental sockets just after tooth extraction.
'immediate?delayed' implants are those implants inserted after weeks up to about a couple of months to ...


... implants are a topic of major interest in contemporary dentistry. such complications mainly refer to
inflammatory conditions associated with a bacterial challenge.1-3 two clinical varieties may be distinguished:
peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis. while the presence of an inflammatory lesion is a feature both ...

Creation and Preservation of Natural Soft Tissue Emergence Profiles Around Dental Implants in the Esthetic Zone

... implants in the esthetic zone. this article presents a conservative treatment approach to the replacement of
the natural tooth system in the esthetic zone, allowing for natural soft tissue  emergence profiles to be
maintained and/or sculpted from the initial surgi- cal visit, throughout the healing phase, and into the ...

Pacientes sin dientes inferiores, la mejor solución prótesis de complementación

... implants, this method is usually practiced when the patient has dislodged all their teeth from the arch,
either upper or lower, this consists of making two or three dental implants in the lower area and 4 dental
implants in the upper area to which the complementation prosthesis will be embedded. the advantages of the ...



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